Nano Prepping…

Let the Nano prep work begin!

Good morning and welcome to Chaos Central Command (C3). On this perfectly dreary day you will see that the prep work for the grand NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth has begun. Entrance into the world of Nano has been secured… along with updating info for this year’s write! YEAH!

Nutritional Department -A shelf of snack foods has been graciously stocked with both healthy and decadent snackings. Let’s see… hmmm…. There’s granola bars, wheat thins, popcorn, and assorted candies left over from Trunk-R-Treat. Water bottles are filled and placed in fridge to keep them cold, too. A new stash of coffee is ready to go, and a splurge of flavored creamer will be a nice treat. The freezer is packed with chicken nuggets and pizza rolls as well as pop-ices. The food department is covered. Boom – done!

Origination Department -Now, onto other writing essentials… Paper – yeah, got that. Two reams of college rule paper stacked beside the desk, and a three ring binder waiting to be used. Pencils for the all important brain storming sessions – Boom-done! A whole shoebox full! Pens- Got that, though you can never seem to have enough. By my estimate I have about a ream of paper’s worth of ink at the standby.

Technology Department – In the works as we speak. Hubby is currently putting in a new OS on my desktop. The last one had some kinks and sometimes it’s easier just to wipe and reinstall, so that’s what he’s doing while I type this on the laptop. So, while that’s in order, I checked to make sure I had enough keyboards for the month (One year I went through 3 new ones! Ach!). 2 wired and 1 wireless…. good to go, I hope! Storage devices – Hmm… 6 empty flash drives at 1 gb each, 2 -1 Terabyte drives with plenty of extra space around what’s already there. So, I think I’m going to be good in that realm.

I’ve downloaded/installed “Discord” to keep in touch with my local/regional ML and other groupies. I’ll also keep my WordPress blog friends updated on my progress… we all need to brag a little, eh?

I think that covers the bases… well, except for the actual writing part. Hmm, what shall I call that department… CHAOS, of course! LOL! I’ve got to come up with the words for that acronym that would be appropriate. That ought to give me at least one little brainstorming session.

C- Characterization – Hmm, don’t have that yet.

H – Horrendous Happenings (Formerly referred to as climax scene) – Hmm, don’t have that yet, either. Year before last, I began Nano with nuking the choir….

A- Absolute Insanity – Oh, yeah, got that one covered easily! HEHEHEHEHEEhehehehehehh!

O – Operational conditioning – Why that word? It just popped into my head.

S – Hmmm…. stuck here. The word Syncopation comes to mind, but…. well, maybe “Stands Ready” would be more apt.

So, it’s soon to be off to the races! I’m looking forward to the challenge and hope my muses comply. They’ve been pretty silent the last few weeks… like maybe they’re resting up for the show. hehe! I think you can call me a “Pantser” this year, with a streak of “Rebel” lurking in the shadows. I know I’d like to add to the “Where Honor Lies” story that’s simmering on the back burner at the moment. Yet, the urge to create an entirely new universe is also lurking and tumbling about…. perhaps waiting for the big bang that will knock it into existence. We’ll see what happens.

I do Nano on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), so here in America that means that my writing will begin at 7pm on Sunday evening… Just when all the little ghoulies will be roaming about. Perhaps I’ll find some inspiration in that. Anyway, my pen is poised, notebook at my hand. Let the glorious torture begin!


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I am a middle aged wife who enjoys doing something different everyday.

7 thoughts on “Nano Prepping…”

    1. Dora, No, you’re not too late! Doesn’t start until midnight tonight, your timezone of choice. I run on Greenwich Mean Time as it allows me to start at 8pm EST. You don’t have to be published… that’s what it’s all about. It’s designed for beginning writers, but us older ones enjoy it, too. You go to In the upper right corner there’s a clickable link to sign up. If you want to buddy, I’m Tynder Mcfry there.


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