Nano Day 1 progress…

Well, it’s Day One in Nano. I started last evening at Midnight Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, or as Hubby calls it UTC) which meant it was 8pm EST. I hit the ground running, so to say. I laid down a few thousand words before I called it a night. It was surprisingly easy, probably given that the words have been in my head for a week or more, just waiting to be committed to the screen.

When I left off, my MC was playing a game of Tan (similar to chess) on a life-size game board buried deep within a Hedgerow maze. When I first began the series “Designer Disease: Sins of Science” I was particularly fascinated by garden mazes. This was long before the movie “Maze Runner” or “Hunger Games”, or even “Harry Potter”. The maze, to me, had to be a scary place where few ventured, and fewer survived. As the series progressed from one book to the other (38 in total) the maze always played a role. The role was a minor one, but there nonetheless.

Sigh… why oh why am I embarking on yet another story with the same characters? Same universe? Etc… To be honest, I’m just being lazy. I don’t feel up to creating a whole new universe at the moment. My body is aching, and my mind is just plain tired. So, drag out the old, well-beloved, characters and run with it. My MC has always been a pivotal character in the series… a bulwark, a firm foundation, a heavy anchor, etc. But, there really is very little known about him prior to coming to his present state (and that of the entire series), so I thought that I would enhance knowledge of him and why he is probably the most unlikely hero you’d ever have known.

In the meantime, there’s some exploration into the meaning of honor, and how man measures up to the concept. At least, that’s the “social issue” aspect of Classic SciFi that I intend to pursue. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, Happy NANO to All who are writing this month. May your words be many, and your plots profound!

~Shalom, Bear (aka Tynder Mcfry in Nanoland)

Current Word Count: 4506

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I am a middle aged wife who enjoys doing something different everyday.

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