Nano- The Writing is REAL!

Day one of Nano was all about writing down the bones: Setting scenes, creating characters ( or, in my case this year, bringing a dead character back to life), and generally just a huge amount of brainstorming. I dedicated about 6 hours to Nano over the course of yesterday dawn to dusk. I’m satisfied with the ending of 5546 words that actually resemble something.

Now, the hard part begins. Now, it’s time to put some meat on those bones I wrote yesterday. Ah, where to begin… where to begin…. Well, that at least, I know. My writing method often involves starting with the climax of the story. I’ve watched so many young authors ( including myself back in the day) struggle when it comes to the end of their story to create the “perfect” climax. I decided long ago to take that stress away and just start with the end. Sounds strange, but I find that by doing that, I’m able to remain focused. It helps me to get my foreshadowing into a proper perspective, keeps my scenes leading toward that end, too. It works for me.

So, yesterday, that was where my focus was… creating the climax. At least, that’s what I hope I did. Of course, it’s possible that my climax may end up as a denouement, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

So, how did your first day go? Are you happy with what you accomplished? Has your snacking produced the proper sugar high to carry you through, yet? heheh! I hope you are having a successful Nano so far. Keep the ink flowing, or the keyboard scorching. ~ Shalom, Tynder Mcfry

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I am a middle aged wife who enjoys doing something different everyday.

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