Nano – breaking thresholds!

Wow! By the end of the evening, when Hubby finally tapped me on the shoulder and declared that he needed me to shut down for the night so he could sleep, my word count total sat at 16052. Wow! Even I’m a bit awestruck, especially given that I really wasn’t trying to break the 10k first goal. That means that yesterday alone I laid out 8980 words. It’s been a few years since I did that, and I somehow managed it while still going to the doctors, having a medical procedure done, and attending my Writers Group meeting last evening.

How did I manage it? Honestly, it was a bunch of little 15 minute write sessions combined. And, sorry to say, but it wasn’t all on the same manuscript. I was so inspired by something one of the nurses shared with me that it got my writing juices all stirred up and ready to flow out. In addition, that discussion really put me at ease with what has been heavily weighing on my soul the last few weeks about my health and mortality. So, I kinda started an entirely different novel in the process. And, you know how that goes… the initial inspiration phase that sets you to getting down the bones of it before it evaporates.

Now, if I could just solve the issue of genetic deviance within the science of cloning, I just might have a best seller. LOL! Right… talk about unrealistic expectations. I don’t expect to publish, don’t want the hassle involved. I just enjoy writing a good story and sharing it with a few who might enjoy it. That will be after January, of course. First to write the story. Second to do a bit o’ editing and proofreading… Then, maybe a few beta readers.

Ah, the life of an author… no two days are ever the same.

I DO hope that your first week of Nano is progressing well for you. I hope your word counts are as high as you want them to be, and I hope the muses are shining on you. Happy writing, Dear Ones!

Catch you tomorrow… same computer channel…. hehe!

Shalom, Tynder McFry (aka: Bear)

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I am a middle aged wife who enjoys doing something different everyday.

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