Nano – Day 4…

Nano, day 4, the day when the muses decide to skip out on their own and leave you bereft of inspiration.

Face it, folks, it happens. I’ve spent the day happily contemplating my next scenes without jotting down more than a few words. It happens, and I’m okay with that. Why? Because the scene I’m working out in my head is going to be a real show-stopper, so it requires a bit more thought. I’m okay with that, too.

This year, I’m taking Nano one word at a time, choosing to write quality over quantity. That said, the last three days have really rocked with the word count, so I do have that small bit of a buffer for days like today. My blank page is sitting beside me, my blank file for today is open and hanging out on the utility bar just waiting to be clicked on. And I’m sitting here writing this entry and contemplating life, the universe, and my next plot twist… in that order.

I hope your day 4 is more productive. And I hope you’re still filled with musings and whatever snacks are within reach. If I eat these “Nerd” candies will they enhance my brain power and give me the inspiration I most desperately need? Such are the questions on a writer’s mind once they are sleep deprived and snack laden.

Happy writing, All!

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I am a middle aged wife who enjoys doing something different everyday.

2 thoughts on “Nano – Day 4…”

  1. You are not the only one stuck on Day 4. Half-way through my writing session, I realized my mc was in a sticky situation and I could not figure out how to get her out of it. I’ll ruminate tonight and tomorrow and maybe inspiration will return.

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    1. Ach, but one of my MC’s is about to enter a situation, one of those that really defines the “measure of a man” in combat… I’ve got him poised on the edge of that battle and “Whop!” the old brick wall hits my brain. Durn teenagers coming in from school disrupting my train of thought. ARGH!!!!

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