Nano – Day 9 Wow!

Well, for the most part that picture is true. The exception is when I’m writing about a serial killer… hehe! Seriously, though, I do have a “serial” situation of the ‘stalking’ variety in my novel this Nano. The ‘serial’ part is like a supporting character to the main plot… a little “niggling’ type thing that spurs on a larger type thing, that leads to a really huge thing. Ach, isn’t that the way of ‘serials’… one thing leading to another.

If any of my readers remember the “Gateway East” story from a few years ago, then you’ll get the picture. This years story is a bit of a spin-off from that. A story wherein ghosts from the past (I know its a dreadful metaphor, but if it fits…) conglomerate to wreck havoc in the present life of my main character. This havoc creates a bit of a catharsis for my main dude and nudges him towards a precipice where he must make a major decision to move forward or suffer the consequences. Now, if I have you confused… welcome to the club.

Such is the challenge and enjoyment of Nano, eh!

So, where am I? Hmmm, I’m sitting in front of my laptop… Oh, you mean that you want to know where my word count is??? I am happy to say that I’ve crushed the halfway point, and began the morning a little over 80% of the 50k goal. My current count is sitting at: 47909. At this rate, I’ll probably finish after tonight’s writing session.

Is it time to stop??? NO!

I will continue to write through the end of the month on my expanded writing schedule. Then, I’ll take December off. I’ll tuck away November’s words and ideas for a month of stewing before I tackle the editing phase in January. That’s how I roll with Nano. So far this year, I’ve managed to keep my writing within one genre and one manuscript. That said, I do have some inspiration for some side writing that shall not count towards the 50k goal.

So, off I go now to see if I can top out the next 3k to the goal line. Wish me luck and a strong battery. 🙂

Happy Nano-ing to ALL!

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I am a middle aged wife who enjoys doing something different everyday.

4 thoughts on “Nano – Day 9 Wow!”

  1. Good luck. Although I’m signed up for the 50,000 words (as you do with nano) I’ll be happy to add another 25,000 to the manuscript I started and abandoned last year. I’ve just had two days off – so ….. I’m short of 10,000 at the moment and sitting at my computer trying to find inspiration.

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    1. Way to go! I started this year with the same intent, to add more to a story I put in the box for this year. I still have a scene that is just defying being written, but while that simmers, I’m melting words. Half of those will probably be either deleted or moved after Nano, but I’ll keep them for the word count at the moment. I should reach the goal after tonight’s write session! 🙂 Yeeha! So, what are you writing about, generally, if I may ask? Mine is about a soldier and his son…how the concept of honor is passed down.

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