ScrapHappy – November 2021

Happy November ScrapHappy Day! Wow, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it? hehe! It’s November 15th and so to start this happy little post from the center for chaos exploration, I give you ye’ old log cabin-ish scrapaghan. I was given a small bag of small balls of yarn in tan/brown shades. To it, I added a wee bit of leftover varigated to give it a little color. It is by no means done as I’ve acquired some more scraps of yarn in brownish shades that will be added to as time progresses. End goal is a manly little lapghan, unless I get some more yarn enough for a twin size. At the moment it’s about 20in X 24in.

Keeping with this season’s theme of yarn… Here are a few Granny Squares I’m putting together in order to make a large blanket. I’m just starting, but I have the outer border, smaller squares all done and sewn together. There are 4 blocks of 4 blocks that are then crocheted into a larger square. In the end, there will be three larger squares of the small small squares around a very large center square. Not sure what the finished size will be. At the moment, I’m still using scraps. However, upon reviewing the instructs, I am a good 10 or so skeins short of the complete pattern. At the moment, I have one skein of each color. Totally addled on my part… though, in all honesty, I do have a right to be. We just lost our baby who came far too early into this world. It’s been difficult to do anything for a few weeks.

Sorry for the sideways shot. Anyhow, this is a scrappy skirt I’m working on. I’ve decided that gores (the dark tan part) are definitely not my forte. The pattern has them inset after seaming the individual sections. Tried that… several times (hence all the wrinkles) and failed horrendously. So, I took out the top seam, sewed gore in to place on one side, picked up the piece I’d just unsewn (french seams at that!), and sewed it into place. As you can see, not much progress. I’m only on gore two… ugh! They fabric came out of a bag o’ scraps I picked up at a thrifty on one of the rare days it was open during the pandemic. The lighter tan piece had about 2 1/4 yards to it. I was surprised to find just the right amount for this skirt with very very little left over. I dropped the scraps into my crumb bin because of course ‘waste not, want not’. When that bin gets full again, I’ll make up some more crumb blocks. yeah!

And lastly, a small project I’m working on knitting. It’s not technically scrappy, but I am proud of it. When I started working on this 18th century stocking, I was following the patter of CO53 stitches divided around 4 DPN’s. I knitted up the ribbing and about 5 inches of the stockingette, then thought it looked kinda too small to slide over my knees (These stockings are tied just above the knee and folded over at the top.) So, I decided to try it on. I was right! It was so small it wouldn’t go over my calves.

Grrr… I growled, I spent $18 USD on the pattern, which is a large sum for me as I only make 5-10 USD a month taking garbage out for neighbors. So, I picked up the pattern to read it thinking I must have misread something… and that’s when I spotted the special note. The pattern had been “modernized” for our larger yarns these days. So, got out some “modern” (#4) yarn and knitted up a gauge swatch, and wouldn’t you know that I had the wrong sized yarn! ACH! I wanted to scream… in fact, I think I did! So, I was ready to give up and call the company where I got the pattern for a full refund when I decided to give the special “options” notation a read over. The note was about using thread style yarn (which is what I have), and that CO was 105 stitches… that’s a huge difference from 53, eh! So, I cast on the required stitches and did a few inches of ribbing, tried it on, and walaah! It fit perfectly. So, off to knitting I shall go. I’ve got both stockings done to the end of the ribbing. The ribbing only piece (done on smaller needle) is set aside at the moment, while I knit up the part with the larger needle. I’ve still got most of the stocking to knit up so it should keep me busy through the end of the year.

I’ve had to be in bed most of the last several weeks, so working with yarn was the way to go. I was gifted a small little “reborn” type baby doll in condolence and it came without a wee blanket. I found a skein of yarn in my bin and have decided that it needs a blanket before I tuck it up on the shelf. Our little girl will never have that. Her wee bit of ashes are now tucked between her Grandmother and Great Grandmother where I know she’ll be look over and cared for in heaven.

That’s all I have for ScrapHappy this month.

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I am a middle aged wife who enjoys doing something different everyday.

4 thoughts on “ScrapHappy – November 2021”

  1. I like how you say “that’s all I have for ScrapHappy this month” – it’s a whole lotta things!!!
    I’m very sorry for your loss, and am glad you can find consolation in knowing she’s being looked after by loving family members in heaven.

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