Threads and such…

Today, Abigail decided to pull out decorations and spruce up her home for the holiday season. It’s a few days early, but she just couldn’t wait a moment longer. So, out came the holiday decorations. After setting out her snowman collection, she took a short break. Abigail decided to take a ride on her favorite toy, a wheeled horse. She rode around the tree and visited Mr. Gnome, and Mr. Chris Mouse before sitting beneath the tree with Boy Elf. They shared Christmas memories and had a good time.

After the house was decorated, Abigail pulled out her sewing. She’s been working on some embroidered Christmas Ornaments out of a new magazine her human purchased,”Just CrossStitch: Christmas Ornaments 2021″. While her human worked on an elaborate ornament designed by Liz Almond ( ) , Abigail chose a simpler design by MTV Designs ( ) .

Abigail loves the Liz Almond design with it’s different threads and intricate patterns. She’s not so sure about the gold thread work. It’s not so easy to use. She did like the little beads. She can’t wait to see who gets the finished ornament for Christmas.

So, Abigail was so happy to spend the day with her human that she pulled out her own little bit of fabric and thread to make herself an ornament for Christmas. It’s very simple compared to the other, but she likes simple things. Hers will make a nice Christmas pillow for her to nap on, she thinks…

It didn’t take more than a few hours of sewing while the pot roast cooked for dinner. Abigail is pleased with the outcome, though she wishes she had had the antique colored linen to work with. That’s okay, she can still tea stain it before she puts on the maroon piece of fabric to the back. She liked sewing the extra long crosses in the middle of the trees. They added a special little bit of eye-catching detail. Maybe, she’ll even make another to give as a gift.

Then, together with her human, she made a nice “Merry Christmas” designed one. It was designed by Patricia Ann Designs ( ) Now that they’ve made a few, they look forward to making a few more. What a heartwarming gift they will make for the season.

Here is Abigail’s Snowman collection…

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I am a middle aged wife who enjoys doing something different everyday.

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