Shrine to Resilience

c. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

A shrine to resilience, that’s what it was. Above ground, their world lay in ruin. Houses scattered for miles like so many toothpicks, fields covered in was once hot and ready to pour in effort to meet the Christmas demand. But, here below, the shrine to humanities resolve lay pleasantly chilled.

I pulled a bottle off the shelf. There weren’t any groceries left to feed the people. So, I say, let them drink the wine. At least for a few hours they won’t care that their life is forever altered….

Author’s Note: Continue in prayers for our neighbors in Southwest Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, etc. as tornadoes have ravaged the land and the people. The destruction is vast, the hope is endless! I am pleased that my friend and mentor is alive and well, as is his family. Their home took a little damage, but is salvageable. God is GOOD! ALL the time! Amen! It is hard, though, to see the little ones so worried that Santa won’t come to them.

Friday fictioneers is a weekly challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff Fields to write a 100-word story in response to a photo prompt. You can find other stories here. This week’s photo has been graciously donated by: Our beloved hostess, Rochelle!

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I am a middle aged wife who enjoys doing something different everyday.

25 thoughts on “Shrine to Resilience”

    1. I wish I could have stayed longer, but after wrenching my knee, i was more of a liability than an aid. So, I came home, and am knitting up some hats, mits, and scarves to send back down.

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    1. The country is rallying around them. I saw truckloads of supplies arriving. They will need it for the long haul though. Such recovery takes time… and the time seems far too long for many.

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    1. Generally, underground is your best bet. In 1974, my cousins were in their basement, near their chimney… the chimney collapsed on them, killing them all… so it’s not a 100% deal.


    1. I hope you have an awesome Christmas, Anne. It’s odd to be this far into Dec and still having 60F degree days. though, this morning, it’s still before dawn and sitting around 40F. No predicts for snow this year. I’m okay with that as I drive so much, but it does change the feel of the holiday somewhat.


    1. thanks, Oneta. Our local police and fire have been collecting toys this week so the smallest ones can still have their “Santa”. I’m already playing Santa to a family that just went from homeless to having an apartment… They’ve been on the streets for 5 years. Such a sad situation. But, they attend our church and we’re helping them set up a life. 2 parents, 3 young children, both parents working full time… and yet they could not find affordable housing in our area… go figure. Hubby and I were looking at moving, but a single efficiency (1 room) apt in our area is up over $1495 + utilities and insurance. It’s insane!


  1. Dear Bear,

    Will continue to pray. The devastation is horrendous and unimaginable. On CNN last night they interviewed a man who took cover in his bathtub. Nothing was left of his house but he survived.
    Glad you’re safe. Well done on the story.



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  2. Wine fixes everything… well for a little while. Moving story Bear. As long as people have each other…

    Mother Nature is a powerful force. I had no idea the tornadoes happened. Thanks for sharing. Santa will find his way.

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    1. Yesterday in Sunday school we had a wee one break down in tears because he thought that Santa wasn’t coming cause he’s been a “bad” boy. Made me wonder what expectations his parents had of him… He just turned 4. So sad. I didn’t grow up with Santa and I’m beginning to think that was a good thing.

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      1. I can understand the poor kid’s logic. I had the same logic with God when I was little. Tough life lesson, bad things happen to good people. It would have broken my heart to hear the boy.

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  3. Continued prayers for the people who suffered loss in those areas. Your story was a good reminder and tribute to those affected. The clean-up and recovery will certainly take time. Very glad you are safe and hope your knee feels better soon.

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