Year One…

Friday fictioneers is a weekly challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff Fields to write a 100-word story in response to a photo prompt. You can find other stories here. This week’s photo has been graciously donated by: Dale Rogerson

Wc: 99

Year One:

The weather outside wasn’t frightful as Christmas Eve rolled around. Downright warm, no snow… no rain, even. It was our first year on the ship that would be our home until Terra Firma was livable again, so we better get used to the change.

‘I don’t know, Tatie, it just doesn’t seem like Christmas at all.’ Oleg sighed. ‘Not like back in the homeland.’

‘We’ll make the best of it, Ollie. Look, see the kids, they’ve got us a tree. We’ll decorate it. It will seem like Christmas then.’ Tatiana tried to comfort her husband.

‘Year One…’ He sighed.

Author’s Note: Happy New Year! L’Chaim to ALL! May the new year bring you a basket full of blessings! My knee is doing much better, though still a bit of a limp. I’ve tossed the disgusting stick to the bottom of the stairs (still using it there). Hubby had a breakthrough Grand Mall seizure Dec 26, but is back to his normal self… crazy! LOL! It’s is rainy here with falling temps.

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I am a middle aged wife who enjoys doing something different everyday.

25 thoughts on “Year One…”

    1. It’s been a week! That’s all I’m gonna say. When all is said and done, Hubby’s words: “It’s just you and me babe against the world.” pretty much covers it.

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  1. It’s interesting how for many people Christmas brings expectations. I spent one Christmas abroad, a white Christmas but it felt wrong, for me Christmas is about sweating and keeping cool. Odd to many people on the planet… 😀


    1. Spent one Christmas Eve in Chicago, Illionois. Man was it COLD, and we had about 3-4 feet of snow in just an hour or two. It was odd. I’d seen snow of course, but that was different. It was interesting to see how the people changed overnight from the 23rd to the 24th… they became nicer, smiling, and almost cheerful. We drove home to Ohio in near blizzrd conditions. So happy to roll into my home about 5 min before midnight Christmas Eve. The Gentleman I’d gone to Chicago with smiled at Mom and said, “I promised I’d have her home for Christmas.” Mom had seen the weather reports and didn’t think we’d make it in time. It was all good.


      1. I can’t comprehend how cold that trip must have been. Weather can turn rapidly — the eye of a cyclone comes to mind, but I had no idea blizzard conditions could change so quickly.


      2. Yes, they can. Only a matter of hours… sometimes it feels like minutes. Being from Central Ohio, I’m kinda used to that kind of winter.

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    1. New trads do take time to become old trads. Twenty six years ago, Hubby and I started this hookie Christmas trad of getting those candy cane with the red top and candy filled length (bad description) They’re only a buck, but it’s just a little fun thing we do.

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