Draw With Me- Sketchbook Skool Style

Today, I tried something new. I visited Youtube and caught the live “Draw With Me: Beatles” from Sketchbook Skool ( https://youtu.be/yEKNxK8C2I8 ). It was a unique and fun experience. First time I’ve ever done anything of the sort.

That said, I apologize to the Beatles for this rendition. Drawing people “out of the air” is not typically something that I do. That said, I decided to give it a try. Very cartoony, and a bit “alien” but at least they resemble humans. At least, I hope that they do.

Tried out some new brush markers, threw my typical mind to detail out the window, and just ran with the markers. Think I ended up with more on my hands than on the paper. hehe! Anyway, this was about 20 minutes or so of drawing.

Thank you to the folks at Sketchbook Skool, and to Danny for today’s fun!

Post Script: This i s why I don’t usually use markers… The bleed through effect destroyed the sketch before the Beatles.